Adding house solar panels may help save you a good deal of hard earned cash that you would otherwise have had to spend on electricity. Not only do you save cash by installing house solar panels, you, also, get the gratification of understanding you are working on what you can to help the environment.

Despite the fact that lots of men and women prefer to use a professional to install house solar panels on their home, you can install them yourself along with support from a good friend. You will have to, first of all, buy the right equipment and tools for the work: solar panels, mounts, and rails, steel bolts, a drill, tar and safety goggles. Most of these products may be bought at a nearby hardware store; on the other hand, you may well find it hard to uncover a store that sells solar panels except in cases where you acquire them on the internet. How many solar panels you need will be dependent on the dimensions of your home as well as the size of the panels.

Once you have the wanted materials, you will have to select a spot on the roof where the sunlight shines all or almost all the time. Quite a few people install their roof solar panels facing the southwest since those panels mounted in this direction have a tendency to receive by far the most sunlight. Make sure there are no trees or nearby buildings that would obstruct the sunlight from hitting the roof panels.

After that, you will need to locate the supporting rafters. These can very easily be found utilizing a stud finder. Pre-drill holes in the center of the rafters to ensure that they don't split. The following step is to set up the mounts in the holes using stainless steel bolts. Next, seal off the area around the mounts with tar, secure the metal rails on the mounts and then install the solar panels on the supports. Securing them with steel bolts will assist to keep them firmly in place.

Lastly, set up the conduit and run wires to connect the solar panels to the inverter. You will need to give them approximately eight hours of sunlight before it is possible to transition to solar electrical power.

If for any reason you don't feel up to the job of installing these solar panels by yourself, you should never hesitate to hire an expert to accomplish it for you. Putting in solar panels may be a bit challenging, specifically if you don't have a lot of practical experience with carpentry or do-it-yourself home improvement tasks. Speak to some experts to see which person can do the set up at a great price; in many cases, the place that sells the panels can send out professionals to your property to accomplish the set up for an additional fee.