Solar power on Kansas City homes is becoming a more common sight, especially as the Project Living Proof home is completed. Project Living Proof will showcase renewable and sustainable options that everyone can implement in their home, even in older homes.

Solar panels in St. Louis are becoming more common as well. One home that recently installed Sunpower panels saved over 50% on the total investment. They received a federal tax credit in addition to the utility company (Ameren) rebate. Estimated utility savings will be about 30%. Because they also implemented a number of energy conservation measures, their home will also be more comfortable, in addition to being less expensive to live in. Harsh winters and high energy costs make solar power in St. Louis and throughout the Midwest a highly desirable option.

While solar energy for St. Louis homes and businesses is not inexpensive, it will make your home - anywhere your home is - less expensive to live in while improving the appeal of your home.

I've seen many newer solar panels in the Kansas City area that are at the back of the building or very flat on the roof, making it impossible to tell if the home is solar powered or not. Solar panels no longer need to negatively affect the look of a home, but they always offset the cost of living in one. Depending on how many panels are installed, the energy offset may be from any small amount to all of it.

It is advisable to work with professionals who are willing to share the details and information you need to choose a renewable energy solution that can provide power on a consistent basis. Once installed, the savings begin immediately. In some cases, an active system can pay for itself in a short period. Solar air heating systems are usually under $5,000 for a home and are known to have very fast paybacks. Some solar panel arrays immediately generate the majority of home energy needs and begin the cycle of payback.

Remember that many states have laws that allow you to sell any excess energy these kinds of systems create back to the energy company.
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