What is solar energy?

First things first, it is important to understand what an alternative energy is first. Just as the name suggests, it is an alternative energy source. Most parts of the world consume H.E.P (hydro-electric power). Other sources of energy include Nuclear fusion, Geothermal, among others. Anyway, alternative energy doesn’t depend on fossil fuels. In other words, they are naturally replenished. One perfect example of these sources is the sun. Energy from the sun is referred to as solar energy or solar power. Apart from being one of the best, it is also the most reliable alternative energy. This is because; the sun’s energy is never depleted. 


In depth studies have shown that there are two types of solar power:

1. Active solar energy, and

2. Passive solar energy

So what is the difference between the two? The latter utilizes duration, and the sun’s rays to heat some covered area, while the other can only be tapped through solar panels and other devices that contain solar cells.

Why solar energy?

In other words, what are some of the pros of this energy? Firstly, this is a wide area of discussion therefore; some of the pros will just be highlighted. They include:

1. It is renewable

2. It does not pollute or contaminate the environment since there are no emissions such as carbon (IV) oxide. 

3. It is used directly for heating for instance, hot water tanks in your homes.

4. Effective as far as harnessing electricity is concerned.

5. It is cheaper as compared to other energy sources

6. Useful in most biological and chemical processes such as photosynthesis etc.


Bottom line

Overtime, the world has used up most of its natural resources to the point of depletion. In response, studies have lead to exploitation of other sources of energy; wind, geothermal, biomass, ocean, to solar energy. Solar energy being the most efficient i.e. about 70% of the world is harnessing solar power. Nevertheless, it is safe and cheap. You only need a solar panel to convert solar power to electricity.